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Much more riding fun and less material wear with LIQUI MOLY BIKE products: Step-by-step guide to a well-maintained bike and e-bike. From combustion engine to chain drive LIQUI MOLY has over 65 years of lubrication experience with cars. We also transfer this knowledge to all two-wheelers – with and without engine. Especially when the weather is nice, the desire to experience nature on two wheels increases. But before you get on your bike, make sure everything is working reliably. To ensure that your bike is always in top shape when you need it, you need to take proper care of it....

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Additives are vitamins for your car. It won't work without them. They ensure cleaning and corrosion protection, for stable lubrication and temperature resistance. Even simple mineral motor oils, which no longer come close to meeting the requirements of today's motors, are up to 15% additives. Modern oils, such as fully synthetic motor oils, are even up to 30%. What you may not already know is every time you fuel your car, you add additives. For modern fuels are packed with additives, in order to increase the knock resistance of petrol, for example, or to make diesel less sensitive to below...

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There is no reason to start off a road trip with the stress of finding out your car isn't safe to travel! Check out the 10 Tips for stress-free holiday driving.1️⃣ Check the Oil Level.2️⃣ Vitamins for engines.3️⃣ Check the cooling water.4️⃣ Check the windscreen wiper water level.5️⃣ Check the air conditioning system.6️⃣ Check the brakes.7️⃣ Check the tire pressure.8️⃣ In the event of a breakdown.9️⃣ Check the lights.🔟 Check the inspection date. #liquimoly #madeingermany

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