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Oil and additive manufacturer with best November sales in the company’s history.  The past month was the best November in the company’s history for LIQUI MOLY. The German oil and additive specialist closed the fall month with sales of almost 62 million euro. Managing Director Ernst Prost commented on the result: “The first fruits are appearing on the barren corona branch.” These almost 62 million euro not only mark the best November sales volume in the company’s history, but also the second highest monthly sales ever. Only January was even stronger. February and March were also stronger than ever before....

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Dear co-entrepreneurs,   It’s really complicated enough as it is. Nowadays, nothing is simple and problem-free anymore. Our business and our work are increasingly hampered by all kinds of bureaucratic and regulatory hurdles. So we don’t have to complicate things ourselves, make a huge fuss about nothing, or get excited about things that are really don’t get us anywhere. Concentration on the essentials, on our business, on our customers and on our brand – and thus on our livelihood and survival – that is what I expect from us in general, not just during the corona crisis. Please do not...

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We are driven by public value and a desire to contribute for a good cause, corporate social responsibility is something that we take to heart.

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