Oils Will Continue To Get Thinner

Oils Will Continue To Get Thinner

Whether you revere or reject it, the advancing technologies of modern society are saturating every aspect of our lives. Most people are eager to have the latest smartphone, tv or voice activated device. But are we encouraging this mentality with our cars? It could be the brand new model or your grandma's hand – me – down car, the impact of oil choices is uniform.

All automotive manufacturers are now chasing high levels of fuel efficiency and very stringent low carbon emissions. In order to do so, manufacturers demand more and more different oil specifications. Without throwing automotive jargon at you, let’s break down what the automotive industry is actually doing. Because while we mindless fill up at the pump or never question what happens during a car service, a lot of thought goes into what we put in our cars.

Oil performs the task of lubrication but it also can restrict it at the same time, a thick viscous oil restricts the motor more so than a thin oil. Think of it like pouring tar down a pipe versus water down a pipe. The later will flow far more easily than the tar, right? This distinction is important because it defines the cars fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficiency is achieved due to the lower viscosity of the oil used. However, there is a trade-off to the fuel efficiency gains and that is a low viscosity oil in a conventional motor leads to massive (not sure what you had here) And when coupled with long service intervals catastrophic engine failure is a possibility. It’s like if you don’t take your dog for a walk for a few days, they start freaking out and eat the furniture. If you don’t service your car enough, the engine will start to freak out, per se.

That’s why it has now become so important to know what the exact oil specification is required for your car.

Back in the day, automotive repairers would have only had one or at most two viscosity to use in most cars. But now we have an assortment for all different types of cars. why isn’t there one oil that fits all cars? Well, oil is a liquid spare part nowadays, which is precisely aligned to a specific motor type and each motor type has a different specification which is unique to that motor. The trend is continuing in the direction of 0w16 and 0w12 which to give you an idea is as lucid as water.

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