Engine Flush

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Engine Flush

Engine flush can be one of those products that can be very dividing in the automotive business. Everyone has an opinion of whether they should or should not use one.

What exactly does engine flush do?

Engine flush is a highly effective detergent and dispersant designed to dissolve sludge and lacquer that builds up in your engine between oil changes. This reduces engine wear and therefore in the long term, can reduce expensive repair costs. As they say, prevention is always better than a cure. Liqui Moly recommends that you do an engine flush with every service. Engine Flush can also be a problem solver for neglected or contaminated engines.

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Engine flush removes the contaminants that build up in your engine. If you have gone past your service interval, your engine oil may have broken down and will start to sludge. If that sludge remains in the engine, the car can’t run smoothly. Removing any contaminants or grime allows the clean engine oil to do its job to the maximum and ensures everything in your engine is running to its optimum. If you have a just purchased a used car and don’t know the service history of the type of oil that has been used previously, use an engine flush which is like starting your service with a clean slate for the new oil to do its job.

liqui moly engine flush

Some common questions I have been asked about Engine Flush.

Can I leave engine flush in my oil whilst I am driving it until my next service? No, never leave an engine flush in the engine with the new oil. It is not designed to be like an additive to the oil. It MUST be removed before you drive the vehicle off from the workshop or your garage.

Does engine flush come with factory approvals? No, it is a product that does not require a factory approval and is compatible with all commercially available motor oils.

How do I use engine flush? Add your engine flush to your motor oil at running temperature before changing the oil. Let the vehicle idle for approximately 10 minutes (please check the instructions of each product before using). The change the oil and the filter. And job done. Clean engine to go.

Article prepared by Liqui Moly Australia