Do fuel additives really work?

Do fuel additives really work?

Most people take good care of their vehicles and they make sure they are using the highest quality oil and fluids. I believe we carry the best fluids on the market, however, there is always room for improvement. When it comes to additives, do they actually work?

Fuel Injector Cleaners

Fuel injector cleaners are designed to dissolve the containments and build up around the injector to get them spraying like new again. A fuel injector that is clogged will not perform as it should and will deprive you of proper acceleration. Liqui Moly’s fuel injector cleaners should be used every service to clean out and keep injectors flowing properly.

Liqui Moly is safe for both catalytic converters and turbochargers which means that it can be used on any vehicle that uses gasoline. Proper use will reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, restore performance, promote accurate injector dosing, and increase throttle response.

Diesel Additives

Diesel additives are a huge hit with TDI and Diesel car owners. Diesel fuels found in Australia are simply sub-par which means that additives should be used. Diesel additives are used to unclog diesel fuel filters and help with cold starts.

Liqui Moly Diesel Additive is one of our best selling products. We recommend using a Diesel Additive at least every service to clean the entire injection system while protecting from contamination and corrosion. Liqui Moly Diesel Additive helps improve the lubrication action of diesel fuels and protects the injection pump from wear.

Liqui Moly Diesel Purge Plus is another favorite that packs a punch. It is the strongest cleaning additive on the market. Diesel Purge plus will restore proper operation of the injection system by cleaning the injector nozzles. Diesel purge can be used by mixing it with your fuel or directly through the intake line.

Liqui Moly Diesel Particulate Filter Anti clog can be used with both Liqui Moly Diesel Additive and Liqui Moly Diesel Purge Plus. Short trips are bad for the diesel particle filter as they become blocked over time. Particulate Filter Anti Clog reduces the build-up of particulates which increases its lifespan while ensuring optimal fuel combustion. Reduced emissions and buildup of particulates will keep your vehicle running to spec while prolonging the life of vital components.

When should I use a fuel additive on my car?

Consistently! Fuel additives will help keep your fuel system clean, however, they are not meant to be used once and not used again for an extended period of time. When it comes to fuels your best bet is to use the highest octane available and a fuel additive every oil change (oil changes should be performed as per manufacturer recommendations). Try one and let us know if you felt the Liqui Moly Difference!

do fuel additives work

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