LIQUI MOLY Orange Power Cleaner (400ml) - 21667

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Universally applicable power cleaner that contains,

among other things, orange terpenes made from

100 % renewable raw materials. With its

biodegradable solvents made from orange oil, quickly

and easily removes even stubborn dirt such as

adhesive residues, oils, greases, silicone, rubber

abrasion, waxes, tree resin, tar, bitumen, waterproof

felt-tip pens or graffiti without leaving an oily film.

Leaves a pleasant orange scent.


- highly effective

- outstanding compatibility with paint

- very good grease solvent

- dissolves resin and tar-type residues

- optimally removes oils, greases, waxes, felt pen

marks or graffiti

- degreasing of metal parts such as bicycle chains

- suitable for the removal of adhesive foils and

vehicle lettering

- orange terpenes from 100 % renewable raw


- for the tire shop ideal for removing adhesive

residues and adhesive weights

- pleasant processing due to orange scent

Areas of application

For cleaning various surfaces and materials such as

paint, metal and chrome as well as aluminum rims

covered with clear coat. Also excellent for degreasing

and softening machines and tools and for removing

foils and stickers.


Shake can vigorously before use. Then spray the

soiled surface evenly, leave to soak in briefly and wipe

off with a lint-free cloth. Test material compatibility in

an inconspicuous place before use.