Liqui Moly Motorbike Gear Oil 75W-90 -500ml, 1516 (Official Store)

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High-performance high-pressure transmission oil made from high-grade synthetic base oils and additives. Facilitates smooth and precise shifting even under extreme conditions and complies with performance class API GL5. Has excellent wear protection properties and ideal viscosity-temperature behavior.



- high efficiency

- excellent wear protection

- wide viscosity range

- reduces transmission noise

- good corrosion protection

- guarantees easy gear changing

- guarantees low fuel consumption


Areas of application

For the most extremely stressed motorcycle transmission and final drives. Comply with the transmission manufacturer's instructions.



As stipulated for gear oil. The transmission manufacturer's instructions must be followed. Miscible with mineral-base oil residues which can remain during oil changes in transmissions and drives. Can be easilydisposed of with standard used oil. Optimum effect only when used alone.