LIQUI MOLY MOTORBIKE 4T 20W-50 STREET (1 liter)- 1500

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4-Stroke High-Tech Engine Oil. Provides reliable lubrication even at high temperatures. Reduces oil consumption. No clutch judder. High shear and ageing stability.


- miscible with all commercially available motor oils

- optimum stability to aging

- oil film strength

- prevents black sludge

- high wear resistance

- high shear stability

- especially suitable for wet clutches

- excellent cleaning effect

- tested for catalytic converters

- low evaporation loss

- very good dispersion properties

- guarantees low oil consumption

- universal application

Areas of application

Developed for air and water-cooled 4-stroke engines exposed to normal to tough operating conditions. Suitable for engines with or without a wet clutch.


The operating instructions of the engine manufacturers must be followed. Observe: Optimum effectiveness only when the product is used on its own (i.e. no mixing).

Approvals API SN PLUS • JASO MA2