Liqui Moly Liquid Hand Cleaner 3365 (3L)

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Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner is a mild cleaning agent in the form of a paste containing substances which protect the skin and are neutral to skin and contains exclusively environmentally compatible abrasives. This product does not contain solvents and the pH has been adjusted to be slightly acid. This formulation guarantees that the protective acid layer on the skin remains intact. This has been confirmed in numerous dermatological tests. Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner is essentially based on materials from renewable resources. Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner thoroughly removes even the heaviest contamination such as oils, greases, tar, bitumen and printing inks without any harm to the skin. The environmentally friendly abrasives do not pollute the environment as is the case with some natural abrasives, which require strong bleaching agents and preservatives in their manufacture. Liquid Hand-Wash Paste does not block waste pipes and drains.



Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner has been dermatologically tested, is pH neutral and has been subjected to extensive medical skin tests. Because it is a very high quality product, Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner has always proved to be a success. In addition, Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner has a two-stage action. The complex synergistic surfactant system removes contamination is a skin-friendly manner while the high-quality refatting agents from natural sources have a moisturizing effect on the skin.



Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner is subject to the Ordinance on Cosmetics, EC Directive on Cosmetics and the Act on Foodstuffs and Goods in Daily Use. Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner is not subject to the Chemicals Act or the Hazardous Substances Ordinance. An EC safety data sheet is therefore not necessary.



Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner is not subject to the law on environmental compatibility according to the Washing and Cleansing Agents Act. However, the product complies with this law in regard to the required biodegradability for detergent-based materials. STORAGE In accordance with the Ordinance on Cosmetics, Liqui Moly Hand Cleaner can be stored sealed in its original containers at room temperature for at least 30 months.



One in three people today suffer from allergies. Skin complaints are the most common form of occupational disease and can lead to an inability to work. The high concentration of harmful substances at the workplace requires special protective measures to be taken. The fat and moisture content of the skin are particularly important during the winter months. At this time of year, the humidity is very low since the cold air is unable to carry as much moisture as warm air. During this time, humans do not produce so much cutaneous fat. Hands easily become too dry and cracked which can be seen as a layer of white on the skin. Where they can easily become unprotected, they must be given special care.