Liqui Moly Copper Paste 3080 (100g)

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Release agent and lubricant made from ultra-fine copper particles for use with machine elements subject to high thermal stress. Makes dismantling easy after long running times. Copper paste is used at extreme temperatures for bolted connections and interfaces exposed to high temperatures, pressures, and corrosive elements.



- resistant to acceleration forces

- prevents transmission of vibration

- long-term corrosion protection

- high bond strength

- outstanding thermal stability

- protects from welding and seizing

- distinctive high-pressure characteristics

- resistant to hot water, salt water and splash water

- universal application - eliminates squeaks

- lubricant and release effect


Areas of application

Used for lubrication, separation, and as a corrosion inhibitor for components exposed to high thermal load. Chemical and petrochemical industry, power stations, ceramic industry, engineering and motor vehicle construction - particularly for bolted connections on exhaust manifolds, silencers, chassis components, and brake systems.

* Please follow the manufacturer's advice with regard to products which contain copper.



Apply to cleaned surfaces using a paint brush, brush or lint-free cloth. Apply the amount which is appropriate for the application.