MEGUIN MEGOL Motorenoel Dynamik DX1 SAE 5W-30 (4 LITER)- 33040

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High-performance low-friction motor oil based on state-ofthe-art synthetic technology. Optimizes fuel consumption. Ensures excellent cold-start behavior, optimum wear protection and outstanding engine cleanliness. The innovative additive technology minimizes the premature pre-ignition at low speed, the so-called low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI), and thereby ensures a longer engine life. Ideally suited for extended oil change intervals and extreme demands on the engine. Selected wear protection additives ensure minimum friction with the highest fuel savings. Also suitable for vehicles with start-stop system.

Range of applications: Passenger cars GM dexos1 gen.2 , Liz.Nr.: D10654HI178

Note manufacturer's instructions!
Specifications and approvals: API SN Plus + RC ∙ GM dexos1™ Gen 2 ∙ ILSAC GF-5

Meguin also recommends this product for vehicles that are subject to the following specifications: API SN + RC ∙ Chrysler ∙ Ford WSS-M2C 946-A ∙ Honda ∙ Hyundai ∙ Kia ∙ Mazda ∙ Nissan ∙ Toyota

Characteristic data
Total base number 9,0 mg KOH/g DIN ISO 3771
Sulfate ash 0,9 g/100g DIN 51575
Color number (ASTM) L 3,5 DIN ISO 2049