Liqui Moly Weld Primer Spray 6000 (400ml)

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Fast drying welding point sealant for inert gas and spot welding operations. The high impact strength allows long-lasting protection to be achieved. The product protects against corrosion between bodywork panels. Special pigments ensure very good abrasion resistance on metallic surfaces. Good filling capacity and excellent coverage. Can be overpainted with all standard paint systems (water based, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, epoxy resin).



- long-term corrosion protection

- excellent resistance to weathering

- good covering power

- good adhesion

- can be painted over wet-in-wet


Areas of application

For sealing welding points in automotive workshops, accident repairs, automotive construction, welding workshops and locksmith's shops.



Remove rust, dust and grease thoroughly from the parts to be treated. Sand the substrate down if necessary. Shake can well for 2 minutes. Apply crosswise in several thin layers. The drying time between applications is approx. 5 minutes.

After use, invert the riser pipe and spray head and depress the nozzle until only propellant escapes.